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Insulation in Ottawa is fulfilled by our skilled and dedicated crew who know the area well enough to know what our customers expect. Receive a FREE estimate for your project today!

We are thrilled to be able to provide top-notch insulation services to the Ottawa, ON, area. Whether you are looking for insulation installation or repair services, we are here to help. Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to complete the job correctly, and we always use high-quality materials to ensure that your home or business is properly insulated.
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Blown In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is a fantastic choice for filling gaps and voids in your home’s walls, floors, and attics. This insulation has a high R-value and provides excellent resistance to temperature changes.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has become popular as a dependable and effective insulation option. The use of polyurethane foam in the production of spray foam insulation has made it a popular choice among many homeowners.

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is a classic and dependable option that comes to mind when we think of insulation. It comes in pre-cut fiberglass batts and has a high R-value. It is typically installed between a room’s exterior wall and drywall.

Crawl Space Insulation

Are you looking for a way to keep your house warm and cozy all year? Consider our expert crawl space insulation services! We provide a variety of innovative insulation methods to suit any home and protect it from cold floors and drafts.

Attic Insulation

Our expert team provides innovative solutions to insulate your attic and keep heat from escaping. We offer quick and efficient attic insulation services using high-quality materials like cellulose and fiberglass.

Garage Insulation

Our team provides spray foam, batt, and blown-in insulation solutions tailored to your garage’s specific structure. We specialize in garage door insulation, creating a high R-value insulating barrier with closed-cell spray foam.

Commercial Insulation

With our top-of-the-line commercial spray foam insulation, our team provides the ideal solution. Our skilled commercial insulation contractors can handle projects of any size and structure, ensuring you get the best results possible and keeping your building safe.

Quonset insulation

 Our staff specializes in offering Quonset insulation services adapted to your requirements. We understand that each Quonset building is unique. Therefore we provide a Quonset insulation options like spray foam, batt, and blown-in insulation.

Agricultural Spray Foam

We are committed to providing high-quality insulation services customized to your specific requirements. We recognize that agricultural structures necessitate specialized insulating solutions while saving energy and keeping  vermin like mice and rats out.

Basement Insulation

Basement insulation is significant yet overlooked for home insulation. Installing insulation in your basement can help you save money on heating and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home with our finest type of insulation for your property and budget.

Sound proofing

We provide high-quality soundproof insulation services that eliminate unwanted noise and make your surroundings more comfortable. Our soundproof insulating materials absorb and block outside sound waves for tranquil environments.

Insulation Top Ups

Do you have high energy bills or discomfort in specific sections of your house or business? That could be due to insufficient insulation. Our staff can assess your house and assess whether you require additional insulation in your attic, walls, floors, and crawl spaces.

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We provide competent service for all projects in Ottawa and the neighboring areas. Our expert team promptly detects and solves problems and offers custom solutions.


We are committed to quality and client satisfaction. We aim to complete the job correctly the first time, giving you peace of mind. Customer satisfaction makes both yourself and us happy!


We understand how important your budget is, and our crew knows current Ottawa market rates and will offer you a competitive and reasonable quote geared to your budget.

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Do you want to boost the energy efficiency of your home or business? There is no need to look any further! Our insulation services are the ideal option. We’re here to help you keep your space comfortable all year, with years of experience and many delighted customers in Ottawa and beyond.
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Our FAQ & Answers

Are you ready to transform your home or business into a more energy-efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective environment but still have some questions? Our insulation professionals are here to assist you in navigating the various insulation alternatives available and to give professional advice and excellent customer service. We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions to help you achieve your insulation goals today!

How does Ottawa's weather affect my insulation

The weather in Ottawa can significantly impact the insulation in your home. The frigid winters and hot summers can produce temperature fluctuations in your home, making it challenging to maintain a suitable living environment. In this post, we will look at how the weather in Ottawa impacts your insulation and how our professional insulation services may help.

The climate in Ottawa is humid continental, with cold winters and mild summers. Temperatures in the winter can plunge to -20°C, while temperatures in the summer can reach 30°C. The city also receives a lot of rain yearly, with an average annual rainfall of 960 mm and an average yearly snowfall of 236 cm.

Insulation keeps heat from transferring between the inside and outside of your home, and insulation helps to hold warm air inside during the winter and cool air inside during the summer. Extreme weather conditions, such as those encountered in Ottawa, can, on the other hand, cause your insulation to degrade over time.

The chilly temperatures throughout the winter months might cause your insulation to become stiff and brittle. As a result, fractures and gaps in your insulation can grow, enabling warm air to escape and cold air to enter your home. The hot summer months can cause your insulation to get compacted, limiting its effectiveness.

Another element that can affect your insulation is humidity. Excessive humidity levels can cause your insulation to become damp, diminishing its efficiency and encouraging mold and mildew growth. This can result in various health issues, such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.

How Our Insulation Services Can Assist You

Our insulation firm provides various expert insulation services to assist you in maintaining a comfortable living environment all year. Our trained professionals can examine your home’s insulation needs and provide a customized solution that matches your demands.

We only utilize the finest quality insulation materials, ensuring your property is appropriately insulated regardless of the weather outside. Our insulation materials are intended to endure Ottawa’s harsh temperatures and high amounts of precipitation, offering long-lasting insulation that will help you save money on your energy bills.

Insulation removal and replacement are also part of our professional insulation services. We can replace broken or degraded insulation with new, high-quality insulation. This will keep your home well-insulated and energy-efficient, saving money on energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint.

Why is attic insulation needed for Ottawa homes and businesses?

The weather in Ottawa can be brutal, with temperatures ranging from -30°C in the winter to 30°C in the summer. It is critical to insulate your home or business, particularly your attic, and attic insulation is essential for creating a comfortable and energy-efficient living or working environment.

Heat rises and escapes through the roof of your home or company during the winter months, causing your energy bills to spike. A well-insulated attic will trap heat inside and prevent it from escaping via the roof. This will not only lower your energy bills but also assist in lessening your carbon footprint by consuming less energy.

The hot and humid summer weather in Ottawa can cause the temperature within your attic to rise, making it uncomfortable and difficult to cool your house or office. Attic insulation can regulate temperature, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Furthermore, if your attic is not adequately insulated, it might cause roof damage. Moisture can accumulate and cause rot, weakening the structure of your roof and necessitating costly repairs. Good insulation keeps water out of your attic and protects your roof from damage.

Another advantage of attic insulation is that it reduces noise pollution. The busy streets of Ottawa can produce a lot of noise, making it difficult to concentrate at work or relax at home. Attic insulation can assist in minimizing noise in your area, resulting in a more calm environment.

Aside from the numerous advantages of attic insulation, it can also raise the value of your home. A well-insulated home or company is more appealing to prospective purchasers and has a higher resale value.

What makes a good insulation contractor in Ottawa?

When looking for an insulation contractor in Ottawa, it’s critical to pick a business with the appropriate abilities, experience, and reputation for completing the job correctly. Here are some things to think about while looking for an excellent insulation contractor:

First and foremost, you should seek out a professional insulation contractor. While some general contractors may provide insulation services, picking a company specializing in insulation installation, maintenance, and repairs is critical. Seek a company that employs high-quality materials and knows the newest insulation techniques and technology.

Another essential component is experience. You want to deal with a company with a successful track record in the field. Choose a contractor who has been in business for years and has done multiple projects in the Ottawa area. To better understand their reputation, look at their web reviews and ask for recommendations.

It is also critical to select a licensed and insured contractor. This will safeguard you and your property if something goes wrong during the installation process. When employing a contractor, request documentation of insurance and licenses.

A reputable insulation contractor will also provide a complete quote and answer any questions. They should be open and honest about their cost, materials, and finishing timeline.

Next, assess the insulation contractor’s degree of customer service. Seek a company that is quick to respond, professional, and considerate. They should be willing to collaborate with you to identify the finest insulating solution and give continuing assistance and maintenance.

We want to reassure you that we understand all of the information mentioned above, which is why past customers have chosen our services. We are upfront and want the best for you, your business, and your family.

How does insulation work in homes in Ottawa, ON?

Insulation is essential for ensuring thermal comfort and energy efficiency in homes throughout Ottawa, Ontario. Insulation creates a barrier that prevents heat transfer between a building’s interior and exterior. During the cold winter months, insulation helps to trap heat within the home, minimizing the need for continual heating and saving energy costs. In warmer summers, insulation keeps heat out of the interior, decreasing the need for air conditioning. Common insulation materials, such as fiberglass, cellulose, and foam, work by delaying heat transfer via conduction, convection, and radiation. Ottawa homeowners must guarantee correct installation and adequate insulation levels to maximize energy savings and comfort throughout the year.

Why is insulation important for homeowners?

Insulation is critical for residents in Ottawa, ON, due to the region’s peculiar climate, which includes severe winters and scorching summers. Proper insulation forms a thermal barrier regulating indoor temperatures, minimizing the demand for heating and cooling systems. This leads to lower energy consumption and utility expenditures throughout the year. In addition, proper insulation improves home comfort by reducing temperature variations and drafts. Insulation improves the quality of living areas by contributing to soundproofing and moisture control, in addition to increasing energy efficiency and comfort. With the correct insulation materials and installation procedures, Ottawa homeowners may live in a more sustainable, pleasant, and cost-effective environment.

How much insulation is required for my attic in Ottawa, ON?

In Ottawa, ON, the recommended insulation level for attics is usually between R-50 and R-60, which equates to 16 to 20 inches of insulation. This provides appropriate protection from the region’s chilly winters and hot summers. Consider your attic’s insulation levels, temperature conditions, and dimensions to estimate the required quantity. You can utilize internet calculators or talk with local insulation professionals in Ottawa to get precise recommendations based on your home’s specs.

How much insulation should be in my Ottawa, ON, home's attic?

For homes in Ottawa, ON, adequate attic insulation is required to maintain acceptable indoor temperatures and save energy expenses throughout the year. The suggested insulation depth ranges from 16 to 20 inches, corresponding to an R-value of R-50 to R-60. This insulation significantly reduces heat loss in frigid winters and heat gain in hot summers, resulting in maximum energy efficiency and comfort. Examining your attic’s present insulation levels and speaking with local pros in Ottawa to establish the exact quantity needed for your house is best.

What is the average amount of insulation in a bag for attic insulation projects in Ottawa, ON?

When acquiring insulation for your attic project in Ottawa, ON, the quantity in a bag varies depending on the type and brand of insulation used. A standard bag of fiberglass or mineral wool batts commonly used in attic insulation may contain enough material to cover 48 to 64 square feet at the specified depth. However, to ensure proper insulation coverage for your Ottawa attic space, double-check the coverage area and insulation thickness specified on the product packaging. Furthermore, speaking with local suppliers or contractors can provide specialized recommendations depending on the specific needs of your insulation project.

How do insulation rebates in Ottawa work?

The new Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program allows Ottawa homeowners to receive financial assistance for energy-efficient home upgrades. This includes a low-interest loan of up to $125,000, or 10% of the home’s current worth, to fund improvements such as basement, attic, and exterior wall insulation.

Additionally, window, door, and roof replacements are eligible for financing under the program, with roof replacements including additional insulation. To qualify, homeowners must complete an energy audit, in which professionals evaluate the home’s current heating and cooling systems, windows, and insulation levels, including the attic.

The audit (as conducted by Energy Audit for example)usually includes a complete review of the inside and out property, as well as measurements and tests like a blower-door test to evaluate air leakage. Participating in the Better Homes Ottawa Loan Program and other governmental programs allows homeowners to increase their house’s energy efficiency and qualify for rebates and incentives, resulting in a more sustainable and comfortable living environment while lowering energy bills.

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